• 16 Signs He Can't Live Without You Or You Can't Live Without Him

    In every relationship, it is normal to have doubts every now and then. Couples are not always happy. There are unexpected moments in our life when problems seem to get out of control.

    No matter how complicated the feelings between a couple have become, if there is real love, a discussion is just something insignificant and will not make the relationship end.

    If you nurture a certain degree of uncertainty about his real feelings for you (and yours for him), let these signs direct your heart.

    1. You are in his thoughts

    The guy who loves you, infallibly, thinks of you. He can not wait to spend the day with you.

    2. Your daily activities remind you of each other

    Responsibilities arise and there are times when you can not be together. These moments are almost unbearable. Whether you go out for a stroll in your favorite park, eat in the restaurant they both enjoy or watch your favorite movies on their own, your wish is for them to have the warm embraces and kisses of each other.

    3. You want to know everything about how each other’s day was.

    It is likely that you will not be able to sleep without talking about the events of the day. You feel incomplete without these sweet daily dialogues.

    4. You closely follow each other’s social networks

    When you have a few minutes left, the first thing you do is check your loved one’s recent Facebook posts. You love reading each other’s posts and relentlessly admire your beautiful photos.

    5. You do not forget what you plan together

    You know that every day of hard work is for the success of your future. Whenever you make some extra money, you join your savings.

    6. You keep your promises

    You wake up every morning with optimistic attitudes toward your future together, and you know that your dreams will come true at the right time.

    7. Do you remember simple things

    Even if it is the shells you collected together on the beach, his shirt that you wore when you were out of travel clothes, and the love letters you exchanged, you value all this deeply.

    8. You reread your conversations

    Whenever you miss each other, rereading your text messages makes you smile.

    Pratise them and then send us a commnt on how you hava benfited from ths points and show they have related to you in times past.

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