• 7 Shocking Ways Relationship Changes After Baby

    It is often believed that it is only mothers that get attracted to their newborn and tend to partially neglect the husband. But, men too have a way they react to the arrival of the new addition to the family.

    Here, we will look at things that will change in your husband once you have a baby

    1. His Affection

    Some men, especially in their first experience of being a father tend to shift their affection to the baby for a while in order to know how it feels like to have a baby.

    2. His Concentration

    Before the arrival of the baby, he was used to running home to meet you but now that there is a new baby, he could run down home just to look at the baby, carry him/her and spend some time with the newborn. He might be unaware that he is concentrating on the baby and leaving you.

    3. His Sleeping Style

    The way he sleeps will change. There could be times he will get little sleep during the night and will want to make up for it once the opportunity presents itself.

    4. He will make new friends

    He will need new friends who are fathers so that he will learn how to cope and enjoy his new status.

    5. He might be defensive

    Most men at this stage are faced with some realities of life they are probably not fully prepared for. So, he could get defensive just to please you. He’s thinking of getting a new job for a better pay so as to take care of the new baby. Just make sure you are patient with him and appreciate him more.

    6. He could abandon you in the room

    You have been used to having your husband around in bed. This time around, especially if the baby is crying, some men will abandon you with the baby to catch some sleep because they feel they had a long day at work and it will soon be the dawn of a new day.

    7. He will love you afresh

    There will be a new love in his heart for you because of what you have gone through to have the baby. He is gradually adjusting to the new you.
    In the long run, all you need do is to be patient, understand him and allow him to adjust to this reality he has at hand.

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