• 7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Husband On Christmas Day…. All wives must read this before Xmas

    As the yuletide season draws closer, there are lots of preparation going on ranging from places to visit, clothes, shoes and bags to wear, food and drinks to take in order to make the period memorable.

    All these preparations are good but there’re things you must never do to your husband on the Christmas day if you don’t want to spoil the fun and joy of the season. What are they?

    1. Don’t Get Angry With Him: Christmas is a time of fun and good memories , so don’t spoil the fun by getting angry with your husband. No matter his mistakes or actions on that day, just ignore it and choose not to be angry even if he has offended you before now.
    Remember,anger is a choice.Not giving room to any conflict will make the atmosphere conducive and the fun contagious.

    2. Don’t Leave Him At Home: During the yuletide,the desire to seek for fun in a friend’s house,film houses,or resort centres is always high but never leave your husband at home while you join the fun seekers or visit your family. Leaving him at home will make him feel bored and you will miss the opportunity to reconnect and renew your intimacy with him. If you must go out at all, go together.

    3. Don’t Let Him Visit His Friends Alone: Most times during the festive season,men hardly stays at home.Many use the period to visit their friends and colleagues , but never allow him to visit his friends alone without going with him. This is so because festive periods creates a loophole for men to connect with girls who are hunting for money and other material things,especially if his colleagues are not Christians. Ensure that you dress fine and keep his company in all his outings during the yuletide.Don’t just dress like a wife ,dress like a babe!

    4. Don’t Treat Him Casually: Many wife go extra mile to give their guests royal treatments in order to make them feel good while they treat their husband casually. This is very wrong! Don’t treat your husband casually like a nobody. Serve his food specially, give him special delicacies. Give him a kingly treatment like a V.I.P and let him relish every moment spend with you. This can actually lead your marriage into the next phase of honeymoon.

    5. Don’t Deny Him Sex: Festive period have a way of stirring up people’s emotion sexually .So ,your husband may demand for more sex at this period but never deny him access to sex. Sexual denial may make him gets angry with you thereby leaving you at home to hang-out with his friend in an eatery, resort centre or a film house.Locations like these can expose him to temptation that may rock the boat of your marriage. During the yuletide,be generous to your husband sexually,invite him for sex and give him a ‘Christmas bonus’ and he will be forever yours

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