• Four types of couples who will have serious problems in marriage

    According to IBGE data, divorces increased by 160% in ten years. Among the facilities of the internet, financial independence and the empowerment of women.

    There are also other reasons for divorce. Among the couples who divorce the most, we have:

    1. Jealous

    Firstly, when the two are extreme in one aspect the thing gets ugly. Especially when the problem is jealousy. Feeling afraid of losing in small doses even makes the relationship good. But when jealousy is exacerbated, confidence breaks down and often breaks to the limit of respect. This is already in the way when one is jealous, when both are, the future of this relationship is compromised.

    2. Gastons

    Money can bring a lot of peace of mind to the relationship, but it can also be a big problem. According to Bloomberg information, scholars from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Northwestern universities have found that irresponsible consumers tend to marry someone similar. The problem, according to the scholars, is that this similarity ends up generating financial problems and bringing about the end of marriage.

    3. Cold

    Frieza in the sense of affection, feeling, affection, empathy and even sexuality. Living a winter in marriage can be fatal. It occurs when kisses are not so frequent anymore when the other is no longer a priority and bodies no longer seem to attract each other. Cold couples were already warm and passionate, it was not now that distance and coldness prevailed. Simple actions like walking hand in hand, sitting next to family gatherings, keeping up with routine appointments, are essential for the flame not to go out. If it has already erased, and there is no interest in resurfacing, we are facing another couple bound for separation.

    4. One wants children, the other does not

    Although this aspect should be considered before marrying, in many marriages this decision arises only after a few years of coexistence. In general, because the party interested in having children believe that the other will change their mind. When this change does not happen, the conversation is frank, and with different interests, the tendency is to each go their way.

    Try to avoid problems in the house as much as possible in order to allow the blessing of God to reign supreme.

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